Haluco works with fresh produce every day. It thus goes without saying that we consider the impact on the environment in which this fresh produce is cultivated and traded. For example, in the construction of our premises, use of by-product resources, and sustainable installations. 

Hot and cold-water sources 
At Haluco’s business premises, excess hot and cold water is stored in tanks deep beneath the building. Hot water from this store is used for the central heating system. The cold water is used to cool products in the cold stores. This all happens by means of water that is pumped around. The cold stores automatically use the cold from outside when the temperature outside is lower than that inside the cold stores. We save up to 30% in energy by making this small effort!

Solar energy and hybrid vehicles
We also use solar panels. The energy generated this way is used for our hot water supply. We also aim for sustainability in our vehicle fleet, for example through the use of hybrid vehicles. Finally, internal transportation is largely automated. This transport is powered by electricity, so no CO2 emissions are released. 

Corporate Social Responsibility
In addition to our minimal environmental footprint, we also exercise corporate social responsibility. For example, we have a license to trade from Fairtrade and we sponsor various causes financially or in kind every year.