Our distribution centre is equipped with modern technology and is fully conditioned. The advanced system guarantees efficient storage and shipment of fruit and vegetables. The logistics process is fully automated from arrival to departure.

Our packaging team works hard every day to ensure the logistics process runs as smoothly as possible for clients and suppliers. We can supply any packaging format you desire, both from our sophisticated distribution centres and directly from the grower. A number of options are listed below

Efficient logistics is a priority for Haluco. Our objective is to have the shortest possible chain from field to fork. We therefore ship products directly from the grower as much as possible. Our centrally located sites in the Netherlands support optimal distribution to clients.

We can unburden you completely if desired. As it happens, we use our own lorries for distribution, as well as those of selected transporting companies. We carefully select these certified carriers based on expertise and reliability.

Haluco uses an automated transport and registration system. On arrival, all pallets are allocated an SSCC number similar to a barcode. The consignment is then inspected and all findings are immediately recorded digitally. This inspection report is linked to the specific consignment and is accessible to all departments straight away.

All products are thus fully traceable on departure. Everything from field to fork is as transparent as possible. Throughout every step of the process, you thus know where the products come from, their current location and where they are going.